Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like..

..a kitchen! This is the way it looked at the end of working day today. Still a lot to do but the idea is turning into reality. Greg thinks there is a lot of yellow, I think that once the granite is in place and I finally make up my mind for a color for the walls, the yellow will not be so overwhelming. We will see.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

House Update

As I have said before the house expansion/remodeling is moving along. I took few pictures and looking at them I see that we made giant steps since the beginning, but when you are without kitchen for an extended period of time, every step feels too little and too slow. Even the kids have started complaining about the lack of kitchen. Nobody wants to go out for dinner anymore, we are so sick of it!!! I know, it sounds spoiled, but it really isn't!
There is something nice about eating homemade food, with fresh ingredients. The week in Hawaii was so great from this standpoint, I even baked cookies just because I could.
I think the hard floor should go in soon (maybe before the end of the week, yeah!) and the kitchen cabinets are going to be delivered this Saturday, so next week is going to be a major week in terms of changes. The kitchen should start looking like one and hopefully it will be functioning soon.
I like the way it is shaping up, the windows and door are in and there is already a lot of light in the room (the skylights help as well) and I think at the end is going to be beautiful...we just need to wait!
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Monday, April 16, 2007

Back home

Just got back from Spring Break in Maui!
It was nice to be away (not to mention having a kitchen!!) and spend some quality time all together. We did not do too much, mostly pool or beach, but Lucas is still too little to do much more. We did go to Hana though which was an interesting (to say the least) experience. Going was my idea and everyone made me feel horrible about it because it turned out to be rather painful to drive for all that time withe the 3 kids in the back of the car. The way I see it, now it is on the been there, done that list.
It was the first time Lucas was at the beach and he absolutely loved it! He was absolutely peaceful sitting on the sand and playing with his buckets and shovels. He also loved to be in the water and the waves did not scare him at all. Ryan was a little scared of the big waves but he loved Kapalua Bay because the water was much calmer and kid friendly. Alex simply comes to life when he is in the water, and it is a pleasure to see him swimming and diving like a little fish.
But we are back home now. The work at the house is still going on, the cabinets for the kitchen will be delivered this Saturday, so we are getting closer to see the final product, but I think we are still at least one month away. Not easy but I am thinking about the final result and hanging in there. Have a great Monday everyone!