Saturday, April 19, 2008

Anticipating summer

I am definitely a summer person. One light layer of clothing, no socks or sweaters, long days, beautiful calm evening perfect for walks, the sun to cheer up your spirit, what is better than all of this?
And the first warm days of spring, those days that make you want to get out of the closet your shorts and T-shirt, the days that seem to call out for summer and bring with them the certainty that summer is almost here..those day make me extremely happy. We had few of those days already here in Northern California and I have been loving them. I got out some summer pictures of the kids and created some pages, just to get in summer mood and I also worked on some more winter like pages (although it is California, so the term winter is a relative one) and I put them near each other to compare the feeling.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The little patient

All done! Yesterday was surgery day for Alex. In and out in 2 hours. Not bad. We arrived at the hospital at 1PM, and shortly thereafter we were called in the pre-op where Alex had has baseline values checked and selected the anesthesia. By 2 PM he was in the surgery room and we stayed with him while he went under anesthesia (he selected the orange flavor for the gas). It was fast and right after Greg and I left the room. Surgery went fast in 30 minutes the doctor came out to tell us that everything went smoothly and we all moved to the post-op. Alex came out of the anesthesia pretty fast and started drinking juice and water right away. By 3 PM we were ready to go home, where my big little boy went to sleep for a couple of hours. All in all, a pretty smooth surgery and recovery.