Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve


Hope everyone out there is having a great Christmas Eve (or Christmas). All is quiet here NOW and I am getting ready to go to bed and recharge for the big day. Today it was a perfect Christmas Eve in my book. In the morning Greg took the kids to Happy Hollow, Mamma and Papa' went out shopping, I waited for Alex to get home and then I went for a run. It felt really good!!!
Lunch was very light and then Greg and I went out for a relaxing walk to the mall. The stores were all open and so many people were still shopping for last minute gifts. By 5:30PM we were back at home and mamma and I started the dinner making. Menu tonight included Penne with crab meat sauce, clams in white sauce, baccala' (both fried and in red sauce)and the fried mix of vegetables. It was all good! After dinner we all jumped in the van and went to see the Christmas lights in Fulton Street in Palo Alto, it was cute! back at home we played a mix version of Bingo/Tombola. It was fun. A good day.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The little one


I have added a little tree to our many Christmas decorations and I really like it. The big and real tree with the classical family decoration is always the center of the attention in the living room, but I wanted to have something else in the library to give this space the warmth and fuzziness of the season. I think this little fella is doing the job!
n another note, last night was Date Night, so Greg and I went to the theater and we saw "Dan in Real Life". It was a lovely movie, I really enjoyed it, and the family feeling of that movie s exactly what I dream for my family. Different setting maybe (Tuscany?) but other than that...bring it on!!! In the movie Dan's parents own this beautiful and warm house on the ocean somewhere in Rhode Island and the entire family meets there for Thanksgiving. Just perfect. Today we took the kids on a paddle boat ride at Shoreline and that was fun. Now the little rascals are sleeping, so it is quiet time for all!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Good Bye crib..Hello Big Boy bed!!

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I guess this is it, after 12 years, 3 boys, and a lot of crying it is time to say Good-Bye to our beloved crib! We bought a new toddler bed today and as the pictures show, it is already in place and ready to be broken in. Lucas seems excited, but I will know better tomorrow morning. For now the old crib is still in the bedroom, just in case! I am not sure what to do with it, I have a lot of memories associated with it,from the sign of Alex's teeth on one of the rails and the many nights I just looked at one of them sleeping peacefully in it. I guess we should donate it, but I am not ready to say good-bye yet.