Monday, March 12, 2007

He is 11 already!!

I had to go to a conference in San Francisco today. As I was there listening to the talks, I looked at my watch and for a few minutes, my mind left that room and was transported to a rainy Tuesday morning 11 years ago, when I was bringing to the world my first born. Alex was born at 10:50AM, 11 years ago and I still can't believe how fast time has passed.
I made it back home around 6:30Pm and we went all out for dinner and then celebrate with cake at home. The real celebraiton took place yesterday. We all went to Alcatraz and it was an umbelievably beautiful day in the city. Alcatraz was a big hit with both Alex and Ryan. All in all, a great family day!

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Whose feet are those?

Good Monday morning.
Ryan woke up at 6AM and Lucas followed a little after. The day started way too early for my taste. So I am sitting here drinking my tea (while trying to wake up!!!) and thinking about some of the positives in having kids (because waking up every morning at dawn does not classify as one in my book!!). I was looking at some pictures I have in my computer and these captured my attention. Ryan and Lucas were playing behind the curtains in the old kitchen and I took few pictures. I guess this should do it.
Hope your week started beautifully!
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Still Breathing (barely!!!)

I know I know, I have been completely missing in action for a while. But there are plenty of good reasons for my silence. At work it has been crazy: new projects starting one after another, presentations needed to be given, and I had to complete the performance evaluations for all my staff. As if that was not enough, the kitchen is GONE!!!! Yes, we have been living without it for one week now and life at meal time is interesting to say the least! And, last but not least, in the past few days I have suffered a severe inflammation in my right eye that kept me as far from the computer as humanly possible. If these are not good reasons, what is?
Anyway, the house remodeling is going well, hopefully in a couple of months it will all be over. Yesterday I took few pictures, but I am not sure they show the extent of the changes that are taking place. Anyway, here is a collage.

Today I had the chance to complete one page I had on my desk for something like one month. I had this idea of comparing pictures of Alex when he was little to more recent ones, just to have the different expressions through the years. I selected the pictures and then they sat on my desk forever. Today, sick of looking at them, I finally put together a page. Going to bed now!

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