Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back from Colorado

We got back yesterday from a 4 day week-end in Colorado. It was tiring but I think a big hit with the kids. We arrived in Denver really late on Friday night ( I think it was around midnight there), then the adventure started. Greg and Ryan went to the rental car location while Alex, Lucas and myself waited at the airport for almost one hour. When Greg got the car he could not find the right way to come and pick us up so when we all got into the car was almost 2AM. The kids fell asleep almost immediately (actually Lucas had been asleep all along in his stroller) and we started driving toward Vail. we made it to the hotel (Sheraton Montana Vista in Avon) at around 4AM, and Greg and I were total zombies!! Too bad Lucas decided it was time to wake up and he did not fall asleep again until 5AM (so while the rest of the family was comfortably asleep I stayed up with him). On Saturday morning, the kids were up by 8:30Am (what is wrong with them????) and I woke up with a huge migraine (maybe due to lack of sleep?). Greg took them out to have breakfast at the local Denny's while I tried to get few more hours of sleep. In the evening we went to visit Vail and loved it. It is a vary cozy village with neat little shops and cafes. Really liked it. Sunday it was decided (not by me) that it was an activity day, so we rented bikes and rode to Edwards on a bike path near the Eagle river. We stopped at a kids park on the way there and back and had lunch at the Riverfront while there (great craw fish soup and spinach salad!!!). The ride back to the hotel was long and painful, the kids were dead tired even if in the trailer and Lucas cried all the way back. And what it felt like a nice flat ride on the way to Edwards, turned out to feel like a series of insurmountable hills on the way back. That did it for Sunday!! That evening we took a stroll in beaver Creek which is another nice (but a little fake) village in the area. Monday we drove to Aspen (about 2 hours) and the highlight of the day was going up to the summit with the "gondola". There was still snow up there and the kids got a kick out of that. We drove back through Independence Pass and the views were amazing. On Tuesday we packed our stuff (and forgot bunny who will follow by mail!!!) and went to Breckenridge on our way to the airport. Another cute little village in my opinion. We did not spend much time there, and I would definitely go back, but we had a taste of it and liked it. Oh, and we also had a taste of the crepes sold in a tiny little place and they were good! One would think the adventure is over when you are on your way to the airport, but that was really not the case for this trip. A storm of rain, then snow and finally hail (this one really impressive!!) accompanied us to the airport and caused our plane to leave 3 hours later. But all is well what ends well and we are back home now with a bunch of new memories to remember and share among ourselves.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

#1 reason....

to buy expensive shoes..... that the kids can play dress up and go around the house and completely ruin them!!!
And believe me, he feels pretty good about himslef when he wears my shoes. For some reason completely unknown to me, these are his favorites!! At least the child has a pretty good taste.
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Monday, May 21, 2007


If we go by his face in these pictures, one would think he is as good as new, right?
Trust me when I say that today that bump (or should we call it horn given the size!) on his head, is way smaller than yesterday right after the unfortunate accident. Lucas is going through a period of frequent accidents to say the least. His forehead has acquired this funky look after one of his many attempts at running without looking. Yesterday morning during what we thought was going to be a peaceful Sunday morning, he stumbled into the "roomba" (our robot vacuum cleaner) and banged the head against the edge of the bathroom door.
Big drama for a little while, but today everything seems to be forgotten!
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Moving along

We are getting there. The appliances are all in, the granite is in place and the hardwood floor has been sanded. I can see my kitchen coming to life in front of my very own eyes. I have finally chosen the color for the walls, but I don't think the painter will come in until everything else is done.The tiles for the back splash will go up this week. Greg is so excited about his new coffee machine, he can't wait to use it for the first time. I think this moment during constructions is when it gets really tough, because we can see it, we can almost believe it is there, but there is still so much to do before everything is in place and working and every day feels like one month.
But it is OK, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I can be patient (that may not apply to every member of our family).
I am looking forward to having more space in the house, to get rid of boxes that right now are everywhere in the house, and to restock my kitchen with nice supplies, dishes and linens.
I am also looking forward to have the library completed (we bought a nice bookcase that should arrive any day now) and I have chosen the colors for the walls, so as soon as the dining table gets out of the room we can start creating our new library.
I better go, the kids are asleep and if I am lucky I may have one hour to do something I like

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fun in the heat

The past two days it has been very warm in the Bay Area, with temperatures in the 90s. Personally I love it! It reminds me of the summer that is to come and the time we will spend in Italy. Furthermore, I love the shed the winter layers, going around with a shirt and a pair of shorts is how I could spend every day of my life and be happy. My kids seem to embrace the last feeling very literally, they love to shed ALL the layers of clothing possible, down to their underwear (or diaper, as in the case above). This was Lucas last night.......... totally loving it!!

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Was it Mom's birthday today?

I know, hard to say with all those mouths blowing candles,uhm?
Well, the numbers on the candles kind of give it away anyway!
Greg surprised me with calling Grandma and Grandpa down for a baby sitting impromptu (thank you guys!) and the two of us went out for dinner (by the way, if anyone wants to know a great restaurant in Mountain View, let me suggest XHAN, great food, really wonderful flavors!!) and after we got back we had cake (cheesecake, my favorite!) and opened the presents all together.The house is still a huge mess and the celebration had to take place on top of a bookcase, but those are details!
Also, I did not get to blow out the candles once,not even after they were lid three times (I believe Ryan was the one who got to them first each time), but when one is turning 43, it doesn't really matter, does it??
It was a good day.
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