Friday, March 28, 2008


What is with my kids and colors????
This time Lucas did it all by himself and Alex who was sitting near him did not even notice until it was all done. Lucas was extremely happy of the results.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Little bunny FuFu

Someone is ready for Easter around here.. would you try to guess who that person is????
I have learnt at Halloween how responsive Lucas can be to holidays that include searching or asking for treats. In fact, in October, I got out of the house without the basket for Lucas because I thought:" he is too little too care and probably won't want to knock at nay house and stand in front of people he doesn't know". Oh well, was I wrong!
At the second house he got the hang of it and I had to run back and get his basket. After a few more houses he fell down on his face while stepping out of one of our neighbors houses and he got up right away and screamed: : "my candies!!!" and tried to collect as many as he could from the content of his basket now on the ground.
He came home today from day care with his little Easter Basket full of eggs and little candies, and he managed to open them right away and when we told him no more candies...this is the face we got!!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday morning

We are all relaxing around the house for now. I have just finished a page that has been sitting on my desk for at least one week and needed some love and care to be completed. Here is the final result. The pictures were taken during our week-end in Santa Cruz. I particularly love the picture of Lucas head taken from the back with the Ocean opening up in front of him. It really shows how little he is in the context of everything else around him.
Next week is Alex's birthday, so today we are all going to celebrate it together and he gets to choose where he wants to go. Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Last night I received another cooking book from Tessa Kiros . This one is entitled Twelve, a Tuscan Cook Book. The name twelve comes from the months of the year and for every month there are recipes with ingredients one can find that months of the year in Italy and appropriate for the climate. I have to say it is another really solid cooking book and it the recipes bring so many memories back to my mind. So, today I tried the first recipe and here is a picture of it. These are called "cenci", and they are little pastry strips fried in oil and covered with powder sugar. They are a classical recipe from Tuscany made during the month of February.