Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I have hands!

Lucas is in a discovery mood. And nowadays he is in love with his hands! His fingers are always in his mouth and at times he can fit almost all of them in it without chocking! What can I say... my children are extremely talented :)
Anyway, life goes on as busy as usual, I don't even have the time to think of one happy place, my happy place (wherever that was).
I have tried to explain to Alex that being 10 is great because there are really no big responsibilities and all you have to do is finish your homework so you can go play.He gave me a look like :" mom you are not going to start one of those boring speeches, right?" So I kept my mouth shut and just remembered how I felt when I was 10. At that time I could not wait to be an adult, I thought it was so cool to go home and not have homework. The beautiful mind of kids!!!!
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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Think Boys

Here is the deal: I was never a girly kind of girl; I never cared for make-up or for the color pink. That is a given, but that doesn’t mean that I would not have loved to have some girlish things in the house. You know, a few dolls here, cute shoes there, those tiny little plates and cups for a little afternoon tea, pretty tiny skirts and dresses to look at in the closet. You know what I am talking about. But I guess it was not in the cards for me, as I am the only woman in a house filled with men (or men to be!). I have three boys (can’t blame a woman for trying!) and one husband, and trust me, their stuff is everywhere, I mean everywhere! So, today I had this crazy idea of walking around the house, snapping pictures that were going to capture the essence of my family. All I could find were trucks, cars, balls, videogames, dinosaur books, and tools, lots of tools! Any other day all these objects would have made me so mad because I spend most of time trying not to stumble into them, but today as I was walking around the house I had to smile because it gave me a lot of joy to see one house full of life. Boy life for sure, but it is MY wonderful life! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny has been extremely busy at our house, filling the baskets with goodies for the 3 boys!
Happy Easter everyone!
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Friday, April 14, 2006

Studio Friday:My working hands

I have decided to join Studio Friday. I think it is a neat concept. Every Friday there is a new topic meant to represent you at work in your studio. This week's topic is: my working hands. My hands have been working overtime lately, but in my studio (my corner is more appropriate), there is where they can relax working on what is good for me: holding my kids and playing with my creativity. I still can't fit in my rings (trying hard to shed that pregnancy weight), so my hands feel a little naked to me, but soon enough!!!
I hope I can do this every Friday although it may end up being late in the day because I am at work all day, but I will try to stick with it.
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

One step at the time

Look at me, I am in the walker!
Lucas doesn't like the bouncy chair or the swing for periods longer that 5 minutes, so we are trying everything we own to keep him busy for longer periods. In the last few days we have been trying the walker. It is not a great success, but right now we can count on 10-25 minutes of peace when he is in there. In that time we can start dinner, or get one of the other boys out of the shower. I know it doesn;t seem much, but if you have had an infant in the house you know you will take anything!
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I need the sun shine!
It is April and it is still raining! I don't know how much more I can take. One of the reasons I live in California is supposed to be the weather, but this winter (and spring now!!), it has been horrible. I feel I am in Seattle and my mood is starting to be seriously affected by the vaste amount of water coming down from the gray (really gray) sky. I am in stand-by mode everyday. Get up, look out of the window, more gray, so.....stand-by.
It is supposed to rain at least until the end of this week, do I need to say more?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Your Eyes

You are almost 4 months old! And although I am so happy and excited to see who you are becoming, I am afraid I am going to forget these moments, and all your silly faces, the funny noises you make, the color of your eyes before they turn to their final color. So here I am taking pictures, trying to capture all the things I am afraid to forget. Your eyes are still blue and just today at day care I was told that you look like me and most of all that your eyes are like mines! That made my day!With 3 boys I thought I was not going to have any luck, that non of my kids was going to look like me, but maybe I was wrong, maybe there is some hope after all to see a little more of me in one of you. For now I am capturing your eyes the way they are today. Posted by Picasa