Tuesday, May 05, 2009

One Year Older and Happy!

Another year has gone by so fast! I can't believe I am 45 already..oh my!! Anyway I am very young at heart and that is all it matters. My birthday week-end was wonderful: it started Saturday morning with Greg making waffles for everybody, and then the kids gave me the present they made for me: a beautiful vase with their hand prints on it and with a gift certificate for Anthropologie in it. Do my men know me or what??? Then, at a leisurely pace we got ready for our adventure. We had lunch at "Stacks" (where I ordered another waffle with strawberry!) and then we went to visit Grandma Elva at the cemetery. She died exactly one year ago and we felt it was important to go see her. I am so glad we went! After that we took off for Monterey. We arrived there a little before 5PM, checked in (by the way I highly recommend the Intercontinental Clement, right on Cannery Row and very nice!) and then while Alex was "chilling" in the room we went for a brief visit to the Aquarium (the tickets were good for 2 days, so there was no rush). Dinner was at the "Fish Hopper" with good food and lots of laughs. After a walk we went back to the hotel where we rented "Inkheart" and watched it in bed (forgot to say that we got tea and cookies to bring to the room as well!). Sunday was another event filled day. Greg got up and went to get breakfast for everybody, then we finished watching the movie and then we all went back to the Aquarium. For lunch we decided to go to the Wharf and ate at the "Old Fisherman's Grotto" where we had another really good meal. The week'end ended with a bike ride for the entire family on one buggy that generated lots of laughs for everyone. I loved every minute of the week-end!

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Loredana said...

Che bella famiglia!!! un caldo saluto dall'Italia (pordenone) da una mamma con 3 figli maschi!!!Lory